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2018 Brilliant - Voted #1

More Than Waffles

Up the 101 in Encino is a small breakfast spot boasting big, fluffy flavor. More Than Waffles — in a town center on Ventura Blvd — is a delight for visitors who love an authentic Belgian Waffle for breakfast. It’s only 140 calories per waffle! Walk in, and it’s a quaint and homey spot. There’s the old school floral wallpaper along with floral paintings, floral artwork and of course fresh flowers. They brighten up the place and give it that homey feel More Than Waffles was aiming for. Filled with many four-seat wooden tables, don’t expect anything too extravagant. With 19 plus different waffle options and the at-home feels, this Citywide Spotlight featured destination will perk up the morning!  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida

(818) 789-5937


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