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Los Angeles, CA

2018 Diamond - Voted #5

The Village Bakery and Cafe

In Glendale on Los Feliz Blvd is a light blue building known for fresh and natural food. The Village Bakery & Cafe utilizes only fresh farmer’s market ingredients for their meals. For the best, quality meals. Besides the delicious baguettes or scones and drinks, the entire place is just lively and vibrant. A visitor can tell from the outside this is one sweet destination. For the outdoor seating, it’s metal chairs with umbrellas, but it’s all for the lovers of that SoCal sun.  Just know where guests will place their order, is a row of some fine baked goods. It’s hard to resist spending an extra $5 because of how The Village Bakery & Cafe displays their offerings.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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