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Phoenix, AZ

2018 Diamond - Voted #3

Bertha's Cafe

Tucked away in a shopping center is a Citywide Spotlight featured destination worth eating cheesecake for at eight in the morning. Bertha’s Cafe, a local favorite on East Indian School Road, is a small and authentic shop made for all. Every dish is served with a smile and the assisting hands in any way possible. Enjoying Phoenix means grabbing one of Bertha’s Cafes tasty sandwiches. There are probably ten to twelve tables inside, with some high tables against the windows, some tables meant for families and then smaller tables for individuals or couples. It is like a bigger coffee shop that dishes out fresh baked goods for everyone willing to bite into one of the best flavors in town. One can tell Bertha put her special stamp on the place, with a big pink “B” and pinker decor around the business. Big plus: free Wi-Fi!  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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