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Sacramento, CA

2018 Diamond - Voted #5

Mahoroba Japanese Bakery

Even with a limited quantity of choices, Mahoroba Japanese Bakery finds homage in serving big tastes inside a small area. With only a couple small tables inside the bakery, this is a Citywide Spotlight destination that’s best served as a to-go option. Now the shop is like a small Japanese building an adventurer may find in a rose garden — not as dolled up and artistic of course. Just be ready for a pastry with an exotic filling like you’ve never had before. One includes matcha powder and red bean paste. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, until the taste buds try it and then flavor town erupts. Mahoroba is on Freeport Blvd, kind of near the Sacramento Zoo. This could be a great pre-zoo breakfast or post-snack… even better yet: grab a kobe cream and sit outside in the patio to get that small garden Japanese feel.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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