Community Guidelines

Welcome to Citywide Spotlight local discussions!

We’re glad you’re here.

Citywide Spotlight local discussions is network of local contributors where city residents from all backgrounds gather to share their passion for the city they love. We strive to create a fun and welcoming place for everyone to come fawn with us.


These guidelines help ensure a fun and respectful community is upheld.

  • Be respectful in your interactions with all contributors and fellow neighbors.

  • Don’t be a inconsiderate. We’ll remove anything we see that jeopardizes the pleasant and informative nature of our communities.

  • If you see anything that doesn’t adhere to our community guidelines, let us know.  Email us any usernames that violate our guidelines so our community managers can make a review.

The rules below extend to our Citywide Spotlight presence everywhere: in our comments, on social media, and in real life.


We do not allow any of the following:

  • Personal attacks: This includes name-calling, insults, threats, hurtful comments about someone’s appearance, voice, or style, and all other forms of attacks. Our communities are to stay loving, welcoming and fun. Personal attacks are not tolerated.

  • Harassment: This includes, but is not limited to, intimidation; stalking; unwanted photography; inappropriate physical contact; use of sexual or discriminatory imagery, comments, or jokes; and unwelcome sexual attention.

  • Illegal activity: Don’t promote, encourage, or glorify of any type of illegal activity.

  • Regarding images and comments: Keep it PG-13, or you will be removed, permanently. This includes language and images that are sexual, violent, or generally offensive in nature.

  • Excessive profanity: As a general rule, keep profanity to a minimum.

  • Multiple accounts and throwaway emails: These are a signal that you’re not interested in being a productive member of our communities, and we do not allow it.

  • You should never publish any private or personally identifiable information of another person, without their knowledge and consent.

  • The “first post” rule: If you break any of these guidelines with your very first post or interaction, it signals to our community managers you’re just here to be disruptive. Violators will be removed.

  • Spam: We have a zero-tolerance policy on spam, which includes sharing links to illegal game streams or downloads. Spam will be deleted and spammers may be banned, blocked, or removed.

  • Political Input: We do not desire for local discussions to be centered around political discussions.  An argument between 2 or more parties with be removed.  We aim to promote local events and activities.  The divisive nature of political arguments is not conducive to bringing communities together and dims the light of the city rather than making the city a brighter place to be and interact.  Be polite with those whom you do not agree with and move on.

Anyone who doesn’t follow these rules when engaging in our local discussions will at best be removed from the conversation, and at worst will end up banned from our Citywide Spotlight discussions altogether.  These decisions will be made at the discretion of our community managers.

If you see any of these things happening in our communities, please take a screenshot and email us at  It will be reviewed.



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