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  • Receive Exclusive Offers and Communications through phone Notifications!

  • receive special membership Discounts at Participating TOP 5 Locations!

Each participating location has the Diamond Gold Crown within their Citywide Spotlight top 5 web-feature and mobile app listing so that you know if they offer discounts and exclusive offers:

Each time  you make a purchase of $20 or greater, a point is earned.  Let the business know that you would like to add a Diamond Club Point and the business will give a QR code to scan.


Each point earned, represents 1% OFF.

Earn as many percentage points as you would like!

Redeem all of your points at a participating location for Maximum savings or you can redeem partial points to save some points for a future destination.

the freedom is yours!

(The maximum discount used may not exceed $20 at any location)



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