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Los Angeles, CA

2018 Diamond - Voted #2

Parkway Grill

Since 1984, Parkway Grill has been a French culinary classic in Pasadena… like an art exhibit while dining. From the start, the entrance is grand. Beautiful greenery draped around the stairs to the main door, with the facade of the red building looking like something out of a movie. Very picture worthy. Push the gold handled doors and walk into a true masterpiece. Parkway Grill is sophisticated and balances perfectly vintage and class. With the brick walls accenting everything, the paintings come alive. This Citywide Spotlight featured destination wants every guest to feel more than at home. They want an experience only Parkway Grill can offer. Their main dining room has comfortable wooden chairs, along with clothed tables. Then, a side room with round wooden tables and some unique artwork. Finally, a favorite room: the event dining room. It holds two long tables with a fire pit, nice chandelier, and some stunning artwork. Also, local plants are placed around to make it feel even more at home. Enjoy the live music offered by Parkway Grill complimenting your entire dining experience.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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