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Portland, OR

2018 Diamond - Voted #4


Secret places are always a joy to divulge in, and that’s the case for Langbaan. It’s a tiny Thai restaurant off East Burnside Street on SE 28th Avenue. Don’t let this small place divert you to somewhere fancier. Be prepared to get mind blown by amazing and authentic plates, services, and ambience. Plants surround the countertop and table seating with rustic vibes of Asia. Very neat orientation when you first walk in. Just know a reservation at Langbaan is mandatory. Their menu is seasonal which includes fresh ingredients from the Portland area. It’s about $100 for the entire course, but you receive everything on the pre-fixed menu… as well as the other 20 people. So, it’s an experience that everyone in the restaurant enjoys together. If you’re a culinary adventurer, Langbaan is a perfect fit for you!  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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