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Sacramento, CA

2018 Diamond - Voted #3

The Firehouse

Nothing says relaxing and a nice dinner out… like being able to choose from several spots that are mind-blowing amazing. The Firehouse in Old Sacramento Waterfront District brings an experience to adventurers that's more historical and romantic. It’s ok being alone, a nice night with a bottle of wine one may not find anywhere else is an acceptable date. For more than 60 years, The Firehouse has been serving a sophisticated experience matched with some locally sourced food in an inviting ambience. Alright, here’s the rundown of the spots inside. The main dining room is beyond elegant, and the white fixtures with these awesome custom chairs for the table are jaw-dropping. Then, the courtyard is something out of a fairytale. Trees lined with lights to illuminate the courtyard and a natural aura that at night… feels magical. Next, the courtyard grill maybe the adventurer's option with its warm and comfortable seating. Finally, The Firehouse’s bar is what adventurers would expect of a fine-dining experience. Enjoy this extensive wine list of a destination and choose wisely in seating.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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