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San Antonio, TX

2018 Diamond - Voted #4


Just a true gem of a Citywide Spotlight dinner destination in San Antonio. Adventurers will know what we’re talking about at Bliss. It’s a magical and unreal restaurant on S Presa St welcoming adventurers with the jaw-dropping gaze… one hungry stomach at a time. The design from the outside looks like a rich person’s decked out home. A steel looking room surrounded by beautiful plants, and a cream-colored building with dark brown accents that has a mythical patio. Everything at Bliss is not just about a meal, but the experience. How’s about dining in a brick vaulted ceiling room? Maybe a seat right next to the wine rack for easier access to bottle service? No matter the choice — there’s about five more spots — Bliss will be a favorite for adventurers for decades to come.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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