Donor Rewards

Welcome to Donor Rewards

Where You Are Rewarded For Your Generosity

Whether you are an individual donor or a business sponsor, we would like to thank you with rare, not available anywhere else, rewards.  Your friends and co-workers will wonder where you got these incredible products.  Feel free to let them know or it can be our little secret. 

All individual donors will receive Diamond Club Logo Emblem on their products:



Any individual donor who makes donations to 5 or more destinations and all business sponsors are eligible to receive the Top 5 Crown Emblem.

Both Emblems have a reflective finish that really shine in dimly lit environments.

Every $10 donated, you earn 1 point.

Choose to use your points on any of the products listed below.

Diamond png.png
Final Crown PNG.png

All item featured on this page are not shown to scale.

Graphics on Items may differ from how they are displayed on this page.

Graphic on Pen and Sunglasses are only available in monotone.