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Portland, OR

2018 Diamond - Voted #5

Revolution Hall

Class is in session. What was originally a school opened back in 1906, the brick building on SE Stark Street, is now known as the Revolution Hall. Due to low attendance, the school shut its doors in 1981; however, after being purchased in 2013, this massive more than 113,000 square foot building is now in the Twenty-first century. Not only home to concerts and shows, but the big Washington High School also gives guests the opportunity to go to the roof and enjoy a 360-degree view of downtown Portland. Before making it to the beautiful views, there are numerous shops and cafes to enjoy. It’s a different feeling at first… walking in an old high school, but this building brings a new experience around every turn. Grab a drink from one of the spots inside, grab a seat or stand, and enjoy the crisp sound system of the Revolution Hall.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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