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Join the Club

Entry level Influencer Benefits

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Instant Access to Connect, where Influencers, Contenders & Diamonds come together to form relationships.

Connect is a private setting where Influencers communicate, partner & collaborate with the top destinations in America.

Receive exclusive offers from Contenders & Diamonds, nation-wide.

Influencers are gifted a RED verification badge to amplify their voice and display credentials. 

The badge is displayed in all places that a member can comment, including the poll page discussion boards to help influence voters to select certain nominations.

Influencers have the exclusive privilege to add their choices of destinations into the 'best of' polls, to be put up to public vote to determine which places should be recognized as Diamonds.

Go for Gold

Next Level

goldAsset 1622.png

Boost your credentials instantly, by nominating a single destination.

Influencers that make just 1 nomination are gifted a GOLD verification badge to boost their legitimacy even more.

The greater the credentials, the more appealing influencers are to destinations to form relationships. 

A Real One

Diamonds just hit different

BLUEAsset 122.png

Influencers that have nominated destinations that have won Diamond status are presented the BLUE verification badge.

These Influencers are on another level. By picking winners, these influencers are truly legitimate & trusted.

Not an easy badge to attain. 

Upper Echelon

Rarest of the Rare

Contest Winner Badge.png

Influencers that have nominated destinations that have won Brilliant Diamond status (that is, #1 vote recipients) are presented the INDIGO verification badge.

These Influencers are in a category of their own. These are the Babe Ruth's, the Michael Jordan's, the shooting stars,     

Get Started

  • Direct Communication & Exclusive Offers from Diamond Destination Contenders.

  • Exclusive power to nominate destinations for Diamond status.

  • Access to Influencer Only pages.

  • Amplified Voice and Legitimacy.

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    Every year
    Annual Access

Citywide Spotlight is for you, by you.

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