Journalism Opportunity

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Evaluators have the opportunity to be featured in the spotlight of the winning destinations by writing a descriptive, colorful testimonial.  One review will be chosen, per winning destination, per season.  Showcase your writing skills and be recognized by a global audience.  If you were blown away by a winning destination and want to share your experience, submit your glowing review today!  

IMPORTANT: Do not break destination rules.  Breaking destination rules to produce your writings results in an irrevocable  lifetime ban from submitting current and future work with Citywide Spotlight.

Journalism Example with Credit


Wonderful food in a warm setting with some of the happiest staff guests will ever have the pleasure to experience. Vincent’s on Camelback, a culinary masterpiece.  Before guests walk inside, there are beautiful arrays of flowers. Ladies and gentlemen, you will want to take a photo here for one great memory. It is like mother handpicked each flower specifically to match the ceramic coloring of the building. Now inside, imagine walking into a palace. Everything from the beautiful chandeliers to the main centerpiece of a huge rose bouquet and each table having perfectly placed silverware and glasses. The walls are North Carolina blue and trimmed with white, but there is a side room that guests will want to invite the whole family. Truly spectacular. Be to save room for dessert!  -Jordan Dietterich of Miama, Florida.  

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