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Le Cafe Du Lac



Away from all the city lights, big neon signs, and traffic lies an adventurer’s memory of a lifetime. Le Cafe Du Lac is a waterfront, stunning cafe in Lake Las Vegas. It’ll be a drive getting there, but this is a very enjoyable ride. Pulling up to Le Cafe Du Lac, a traveler will find themselves nestled in the mountains with unreal views. Highly recommend eating outside on the patio because the scenery is simply amazing. Inside the Le Cafe Du Lac, white marbled countertops set the tone for its creative light fixtures along with simple yet elegant seating. Really like the presentation of pastries as artisan cooking boards are lined up with the fresh, homemade goods right at the counter. Can’t go wrong with any food or drink decision here. Maybe indecisive on a pastry or menu item? The owner will answer any question with compassion and a smile.

(702) 580-1277

40 Costa Di Lago, Henderson, NV 89011


(725) 726-2651

316 E Bridger Ave #102, Las Vegas, NV 89101



Brunch enthusiasts staying for a night in the Sin City can rely on a place known for its unreal service, classy presentation, and possible hangover-fulfilling food. AmeriBrunch Cafe, located just off the Las Vegas Strip, is an at-home feel cafe with a relaxed ambience for easygoing, carefree people. It may seem busy, but people do flow in and out relatively quickly. Snag a seat at a table or booth, look over the many brunch items like sausage and gravy… maybe paired with an espresso or delicious, handmade smoothie, and head up to the counter to order. They have LOTS of side sauce choices! Prices aren’t too bad here considering it’s Las Vegas.


(702) 476-3117

3430 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121



Welcome to “Just Good Food…!” in Las Vegas. Zenaida’s Cafe, a place for comfort food and an experience, is east of the McCarran International Airport, just off East Tropicana Avenue. A great quick bite destination after flying since airport food probably doesn’t sound too appetizing. When entering and observing the cafe, the first thing are these square, patterned, colorful floors. Then, this cafe becomes a simple table seating, mixture of oriental and American style decor. Really good foods to choose from. From avocado toast and fried chicken and waffles, to chicken and shrimp gumbo, Zenaida’s Cafe lives up to their front sign’s motto: just good food… at reasonable prices. One added thing: be prepared for a soft and gooey cookie after the meal.


(702) 382-3379

953 E Sahara Ave #E8, Las Vegas, NV 89104



Eat Sausage, people. Truly never knew there was this many different sausages options and how quickly they can be devoured. Sausagefest is a breakfast, bratwurst, and beer restaurant that prides themselves on creativity and flavor. Located North of The Las Vegas Country Club, their sausage themed walls are spot on. Dancing sausages, tacos, and burgers on one side, and on the other is this beautifully, hand crafted wooden backdrop with bright lights saying — you guessed it — sausage. Plenty of other adult beverages to choose from besides beer. Recommend getting sausage rolls with any order. All day breakfast is a great option considering Sausagefest is open until 8:00 p.m.

(702) 875-4332

14 Cottonwood Dr, Blue Diamond, NV 89004




For many people, a trip to Las Vegas means hitting the historic strip and having a “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” type of night. In a city of lifestyle and entertainment, don’t underestimate Nevada's off-the-beaten path destinations. The Cottonwood Station in Blue Diamond, a location southwest of Vegas, at the edge of  Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, brings a traveler into the uniqueness that is only true to Nevada. Newly renovated, the restaurant has table seating to enjoy a freshly baked pizza or panini with plenty of drink options to host a post-hiking or post-biking celebration. Home means Nevada, and Cottonwood Station’s owners do a fantastic job at doing just that for their ambience. Grab a seat outside on a patio worth putting on social media. Direct views of the mountains and eyeing a journey into the Red Rocks, all while satisfying your stomach with homemade goods and coffee. Won’t cost more than $20 a meal with tip, and for these views: take a deep breathe and enjoy.

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