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Step up to the plate and get ready to smack a grand slam for them taste buds. Batter Up, a waffles and waffle sandwich shop on Portland’s west side, dares adventurers to find better waffles in the city. Their signature is the MVP baconsausge — my goodness for breakfast gravy lovers is this delicious. It’s in a small apartment complex’s first floor in a food hall, giving it a hole in the wall feel. Walk up to the counter, and the menu to your right has 16 plus picture choices to divulge in. The overall building is more industrial vibe albeit a very nice L-shaped wooden bar with table seating. Just know the dish will be made by someone wearing an authentic baseball jersey. Fenway Park rules this kitchen, so be weary for anyone out there not liking the Boston Red Sox. Even though it’s a small spot in Portland, Batter Up delivers in the clutch for a breakfast destination.

(971) 217-2678

4725 SW Lombard Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005


Batter Up


(503) 464-1122

121 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204



If I was a residential Trailblazer and my mother was in town, no doubt would I take her to Mother’s Bistro & Bar. Cliché, but the homey cafe and bar is reminiscent of an elegant, country styled bistro. White booths with decorative seats, round granite tables with wooden chairs out of a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie, and regular tables with white clothes. Momma is going to have options, but make sure momma don’t get too distracted by the chandeliers. Also, their windows give a traveler roadside views of car and people watching. Let their motto be the reason an adventurer chooses Mother’s, “It’s all about the love in everything we do… from the minute you walk in until you step outside our door, we want you to feel taken care of and loved.” Since 2000, chef Lisa Schroeder has been serving up comfort food straight from scratch. Go enjoy a culinary and vibrant ambience experience, and aft call your mother.


(503) 542-0880

2337 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214



On the corner of SW Ash Street and SW 3rd Avenue, there’s a yellow and blue brick building known for being a revival of regional American cuisine. Screen Door, a roomy and dimly lit restaurant showcasing huge plates of fried chicken, wants customers to understand the connection between farm and plate. Everything is local and organic, and all found right in the Pacific Northwest. There might — most likely — will be a line to get it, but it’s nothing too strenuous of a wait. Once inside, the Screen door showcases a mellow and smoothing white and light blue walls with wooden seating. It’s nothing that dazzles an adventurer, but more like an upscale, small town breakfast destination. Cannot stress enough how scrumptious their fried chicken is… especially the chicken and waffles. Be ready for a delectable time at Screen Door!


(503) 239-0196

1300 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214



Free scones and memorable service. Zell’s Cafe in Southeast Portland is a classical, friendly spot for adventurers to enjoy a solid breakfast. It’s like a time capsule cafe went off… a vintage wooden-topped bar and custom-made glass backdrop. Reminds me of something an American would drive their Buick too in early Twentieth century. If a traveler doesn’t beat the rush hour diners, be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes. Remember, the free scones once seated are worth any wait. A lot of people love to come to Zell’s Cafe for their Eggs Benedict and Baked Salmon Benedict. Also, these marvelous German Pancakes! Waiting for food can be a pain after waiting outside, but just like the scones instantly on the table, a delightful and charming dish will be served relatively fast. 


(971) 300-3118

319 SW Pine St, Portland, OR 97204



From across the pond and sea to shining sea, Kingsland Kitchen is Portland’s most unique kitchen. It’s a bright, quaint bar and eatery with an industrial ambience. The decor inside is unique in a Portland way. My initial choice would be sitting at the high-top chairs at the front of the business. Each table will already have water waiting, and a vase filled with vibrant flowers… a feel-good touch for an adventurer. This is one of those destinations that an adventurer will come back to at least three times, and still not know which seat was the best to enjoy a parfait, bloody mary and biscuits and gravy. Only a few blocks down from the Waterfront Park Trail, a hike along the Willamette River could welcome the excellent finish of Kingsland Kitchen.

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