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A Chef’s guarantee to visitors: you will not find better Vietnamese food in Portland. Cuon - Vietnamese Street Food is rich in culture and diverse in flavor. They go above the average standard with ingredients to ensure one of a kind dishes. From the outside of the restaurant, an adventurer may become suspicious of no seating; however, there’s plenty of chairs to park for a meal. Enjoy the authentic Vietnamese pictures and a self-servicing station like no other — stacks of sriracha sauce. There’s high top seating and regular tables for everyone to sit at. Ordering food here is unique; at the register there are glass bulbs filled with flowers hanging from the ceiling. Cuon’s menu is straightforward: choose what an adventurer feels like eating and pick the protein. Drool worthy roast pork is one of the choices to not pass up.

(503) 224-0282

600 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204


Love Belizean


(503) 421-5599

1503 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201



Go get some love! Love Belizean is right in the heart of downtown Portland and is for anyone needing a quick bite. It’s a low-key counter eatery with few seats. Fast, friendly service with a genuine smile is what attracts locals time after time to this destination. When the food comes out, everyone will realize why Love Belizean is highly sought-after food: it’s so fresh. Belizean Chicken is one of many popular meals served up. Less than $15 is satisfying for both the finances and the taste buds. Though this is a different cuisine than most, the menu is very straight forward. Locals who live are Love Belizean should be honored to have a hole in the wall like this near them.




If anyone has never tried bulgogi — head on over to The Bulgogi + Dukuhbee Noodle. It’s a bright, snug restaurant serving up well-known Korean specialties like their pork dukuhbee noodles. The menu is straight forward… not too many dishes to choose from, but there are pictures to entertain an adventurer into getting something they’ve never tried. What’s really cool is a traveler can see the chefs make the noodles right before their eyes. Vintage techniques bring out the best flavors! Inside, the place is relatively small with orange walls and traditional Korean decor. It’s nestled right next to a Dollar Tree for those wondering where this hole in the wall Korean grill is on Sandy Boulevard. For lunch around $15, The Bulgogi + Dukuhbee Noodles is an excellent choice for either a quick pit stop or a takeout to enjoy at one of Portlands many outdoor parks.

(503) 327-8607

4232 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213


(503) 542-0880

2337 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214



A destination so popular in Portland, Citywide Spotlight is giving Screen Door two awards: breakfast and lunch! Here’s a recap of a restaurant known for comfort food: Screen Door, a roomy and dimly lit restaurant showcasing huge plates of fried chicken, wants customers to understand the connection between farm and plate. Everything is local and organic, and all found right in the Pacific Northwest. There might — most likely — will be a line to get it, but it’s nothing too strenuous of a wait. Once inside, the Screen door showcases a mellow and smoothing white and light blue walls with wooden seating. Cannot stress enough how scrumptious their fried chicken is… especially the chicken and waffles. So maybe one day, enjoy the chicken and waffles for breakfast, and then before leaving Portland — head over for a more traditional chicken lunch.



(503) 233-0511

2811 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232




Authentic Cuban food in the city of the trailblazers. Pambiche has been serving up croquettes and empanadas since the turn of the century at the North end of East 28th Avenue. Everyone will notice the unique sidewalk patio seating… know its heated seating year-round! Pambiche is in a Victorian building, making the whole experience of eating here a classic swing on Cuban cuisine. Inside, get ready for a colorful explosion of Latin America pictures and decor. Almost like the owners packed up South Florida and Cuba and brought it to Portland with how authentic this restaurant is. Pambiche means “palm beach” in Cuban Spanish — a getaway for adventures to be served a comfortable meal to the lively Cuban music. For anyone looking for an authentic taste of Old Havana, Pambiche is the spot. Make sure to tour the entire outside of Pambiche as there’s some murals worth taking a memorable picture at.

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