Diamond Club Admin Access

Diamond Club Admin Access

Coming Soon! Not Available Yet!


Connect like never before. Directly!


  • Ability to send up to 1 customized push notification directly to ALL Diamond Club Members mobile devices, per season (4 per calendar year), within 40 miles of your location.


  • Ability to add 3 coupons or promotional material, per season (12 per calendar year), to your app listing at any time. (60 TOTAL)



  • Become a Diamond Club Administrator


  • The Diamond Club drives repeat business by rewarding loyal customers to earn a 1% discount with each purchase. 


Each time a customer visits and make a purchase of $20 or more, the customer earns a single point (by scanning the location's Diamond Club Membership Card's QR Code (provided at membership enrollment).  It is the responsibility of the customer to ask the business to give them a point at purchase. 


Customer's can redeem their percentage points at any time, at any paticipating Diamond Club location.  The maximum amount awarded by a Diamond Club Member, no matter the percerntage redeemed, may ever exceed a $40 discount.


Diamond Club Members receive a Crown on their App and Website listing to denote their inclusion into the special program.




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