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(775) 324-4787

669 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501



Midtown residents have been here countless times. Go up to nearly anyone in the area, and ask “what’s a good meal from Süp?” Whatever the recommendation, go with it. Süp Restaurant is a healthy choice, young adult’s perfect brunch or lunch spot. Pesto turkey is to die for, and the Reno deli could even satisfy an Italian’s craving for a deli sandwich. Presentation of a dish is well respected. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare those taste buds and a quality social media post.




Take the drive down to south Reno for a great vibe of a restaurant in Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que. It’s a father and son owned kitchen that brings the pit to Northern Nevada.  How cool is a garage door to open up the place, enhancing the experience? The entire aura is filled with natural light.  All of this, and the ribs and  amazing “Char-B-Que” sauce haven’t been served yet. No matter if it’s patio or indoor seating, a patron walks up to a register and sees a wall filled with choices. Let the server help if needed; not all hero’s wear capes. Just make sure one of the sides with the meal is sweet potato fries.

(775) 499-5855

7689 S Virginia St N, Reno, NV 89511


Arario Midtown


(775) 870-8202

777 S Center St #200, Reno, NV 89501



Korean fusion meets The Biggest Little City. Arario Midtown brings a personal dining experience to the next level. To start, try something out of the ordinary for a drink, like a Korean beer or something of a struggle to pronounce. Next, a complimentary Korean small appetizer that has a favorite: kimchi. Maybe some kimchi fries too? Finally for dinner, what’s the mood? Don’t go in thinking about one specific dish, rather let the ambiance settle in and decide. Bulgogi is a personal favorite. Remember, it’s in Midtown so parking can be challenging.


Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen


(775) 683-9378

138 West St, Reno, NV 89501



While walking along the Truckee River near Wingfield Park, there’s a red brick building with more than meets the eye. Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen has a relaxing, earth-warming feel for anyone to ease into a seat inside or outside. If inside is the choice, be ready to walk into a whole different world. The tables and high chairs are all different with sculpted plants and table decorations. Artwork along the walls showing how family oriented this business really is. It may cost a little extra per meal, but the food justifies the price. Sabrina’s West Street Kitchen’s menu is so creative with its food, we recommend asking the waiter/waitress about dishes. Pro tip: cash only, but there’s an ATM inside.

(775) 384-3547

618 S Center St, Reno, NV 89501




Today’s special: whatever Brothers Barbecue wants to dish out! Upon walking to the door, a sign literally saying, “TODAY’S SPECIAL” will come within eye contact. Read it and enjoy. Be ready for a huge scoop of mac and cheese. Mouthwatering gooeyness, and the ribs are still on the plate. Food comes out relatively fast here, and let’s be honest: who doesn’t love quality food at a fast pace? People looking for that one-two punch: the combo of the Texas tater and then the applewood smoked pulled pork plate. Yes, the sauces are legit.

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