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2018 Diamond - Voted #2

The Charlie

A visitors home away from home is a hidden gem of Los Angeles. The Charlie Hotel, an English countryside residential stay in West Hollywood, is for the celebrities at heart. That’s because each suite is named after a famous person who’s called one of the suites homes! Visitors will want to call ahead and reserve a room to see which celebrity will be their room’s stay… considering it’s only three miles from the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. From the outside, The Charlie hotel’s ambience looks cozy, warm, inviting, and peaceful. Their Tudor style villas and English gardens really hone in that home away from home feeling. Inside each room, it’s like someone is a mind reader. Open the door, and the entire room is what guests would envision inside their own house. From furniture to decor and extra homey-feel items, The Charlie Hotel is an excellent choice for your stay in LA.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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