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Gain maximum attention to your winners only feature by adding an HD video as well as up to 5 HD Photographs with our team for your 4+ year feature!

Courtesy Mercantile Dining and Provision, Denver

We're here to shine light on single location destinations. Those that choose not to compete for air time with large chain destinations including radio or television advertisements.  We are choosing the interactive route to help all single location destinations.  With social media promotion, website and mobile app interactivity, including mobile phone notifications, you can stay ahead of the competition.  The days of hoping your audience hears or see's a commercial is over.  We broadcast directly to interested parties, straight to their hands. 


There are several options for you to choose from.  Choose to use our media team that includes up to 5, 4K photographs.

60+ seconds 4K promotional video with options to use either a narrator or a host for interviews and interactions.  You can also opt to have a representative of the business featured your promotional video.

We can also include visitor interviews/feedback if you choose to do so.  100% customizable and up to you.

Please note: Your custom video, we will be overlaying your logo, not ours.

Business Contact Information: Phone, Address...


...Or choose to use your own media outlets/advertising agencies for an incredible value!

Courtesy Discovery Green, Houston

You can add up to 10, 4K Photographs and an unlimited length 4K video!  "Build Your Own Package" that includes using your own in-house media team or employing your own advertising/marketing firm.  Upload your own photo's and video's.  Total freedom to represent your business and advertise exactly how you desire!

Your web feature is optimized and scaled accordingly for on computers, as well as on cell phones.

Business Contact Information: Phone, Address...


The Power is yours!

Courtesy Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston

We give only 35 well-deserved winners in each city this opportunity. 

We sincerely want you to shine!

We're giving you the tools to do so. 


Take advantage of the opportunity that only a select few have.

Business Contact Information: Phone, Address...


Stay Relevant!  Stay fresh! 

You also have the freedom to update Your your feature, as you desire.

You have the option to update your description and media as you choose, to keep your loyal customer base and also the curious at the forefront of all happenings inside your place of business.

Not to mention the opportunity to become a Royalty Rewards Contributor and communicate directly with consumers through direct phone notifications.  The chance to send out friendly reminders and/or promotional materials.  This is truly a unique opportunity for you to seize!

We wish you the very best and continued success!

Business Contact Information: Phone, Address...


Of course you could also choose our complimentary package we offer to all TOP 5  winners which includes 1 picture and 1 Logo.

Courtesy Four Seasons, Denver

The Complimentary Package includes a write-up (which is included in all packages) from our journalist and also includes contact information as well as a link to reserve a table, a room, or order your products.

Your website is also linked to your listing by clicking your business name at the top your feature.

However, the greater your media presence, the higher you are listed. In the case that multiple businesses have equal media presence, we then rank the order by votes received.

We love the opportunity to feature you and just as importantly, we love guiding people where to go when in a city!

We are sincerely looking forward to see what you have planned and watching your name and reputation grow, even more!

Business Contact Information: Phone, Address...

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