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San Antonio, Texas




Sire Bar


Elegant and cozy, Sire Bar resides in La Cantera Resort and Spa in San Antonio. The design is rustic and fresh that pays homage to La Cantera’s King Ranch heritage. As the name suggests, Sire Bar is inspired by the ranch’s champion thoroughbred and quarter horse sires whose blood lines are still sought after to this day. This important legacy provides a cornerstone of excellence and elegance. The beautiful views are nothing compared to the hand-crafted cocktails and delicious bites at Sire. With happy hour offered daily until 8pm, Sire offers some of the best specials in town.



Hotel Emma’s tavern and club room, Sternewirth, is a swanky bar set in a historic cellar. Classic cocktails, flavor and substance abound at Sternewirth. This historical location features a dramatic 25-foot vaulted ceiling to make you feel like you're in a beautiful hideaway during Prohibition. The cozy warmth of Sternewirth draws you in and makes you feel at home. Whether you have an appetite for cocktails, wine, craft beer, or even a full meal, Sternewirth is sure to satisfy.




136 E. Grayson St, San Antonio, Tx 78215



Jazz TX


San Antonio’s newest hot spot for live music is undoubtedly Jazz TX. With live music, dancing, and a cozy atmosphere, Jazz TX is an upscale club with the grit of a Texas dance hall. The location is especially unique, as it’s located in the cellar of the Bottling House at the historic Pearl Brewery. The menu is inspired by the tastes of South Texas and offers excellent pairings with every cocktail. Whether it’s Jazz, Blues, Texas Swing, or Salsa, the music is always good and the dancing is even better.



Bar 1919



Located down a dimly lit flight of stairs behind a hidden entrance, Bar 1919 transports you to another time and place. It’s a place where expert mixology and history come together, taking you back to the era of prohibition. This speakeasy exudes a spirit of freedom and rebellion and seemingly has every scotch and bourbon ever made. This house of craft cocktails only carries one kind of vodka and is serious about the artistry of specialty cocktails. Craftsmanship, American history and whiskey mean more at Bar 1919.



George’s Keep is vintage-chic lounge with a club like feel. With a focus on diverse cocktails, they have mixology down to a science. Not only are the drinks delicious, they are also bold and flavorful, made with flair. Located on the terrace of Eilan in San Antonio, the European-style property sets the scene for a classy and trendy place to grab a drink with friends or a special night out. George’s takes pride in the diversity of its cocktails and flavors that satisfy all tastes.

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