For the Love of Local

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The entire premise behind Citywide Spotlight's purpose is dedication and celebration of the unique treasures that make up each city's backbone and soul.  Each city across the nation is beautifully unique and we love to let everyone know the one-of-a-kind atmosphere and flavors of the true original which can never be duplicated.     



In our pursuits of keeping this website clean and simple, we have limited the categories that we feature to 7, The dilemma is that we would love to feature as many categories as possible to truly highlight that unique treasures that make up each city's soul but in the name of simplicity, we have decided to keep our featured categories small and concise.    

Enter: the Heroes


In order for us to keep our focus on the Love of Local, we have found a solution to be able to feature each city's other extremely important diamonds that keep each city's heart beating without creating more clutter.  Enter the Heroes. 

True, Un-interrupted, Spotlight


As a local Spotlight coupled with your local treasures, you are placed as at the top of our most trafficked pages; The Leaderboards. There is no voting.  There are no arguments.  Just exclusive access to your very own full feature.   Also, by prioritizing that visitors continue to have an unobtrusive, pleasant experience while navigating, we have limited the ad-space to a clean and simple yet focused and powerful, single reserved spot for the single featured Spotlight or sponsor, one per leaderboard page. 



As an accepted Spotlight Champion, you will receive your own one full month feature, without interruptions or competition. Be seen as a hero of your city for supporting your other local treasures that make up the DNA of your city.

Take the Keys


There's no time to wait, showcase your business today.  Your reservation awaits!


There are a few restrictions we place on the exclusive feature.  Read and understand the restrictions below before you apply:


The entity must satisfy the qualifications below:

1. Currently headquartered and open for operation within city of the sponsorship application, or closest to the featured city in relation to another featured city.

2. Does not qualify to be entered into any Citywide Spotlight category:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Nightcap

  • Indoor Activity

  • Outdoor Activity

  • Rest


Citywide Spotlight is not accepting applications from businesses in the following industries:

  • Adult content or entertainment

  • Gambling or casino,

  • Alcoholic beverages,

  • CBD, cannabis, tobacco, or e-cigarette/vapor,

  • Religious,

  • Political.

If you are eligible to become a Spotlight Champion, complete and submit the form below and your application will be reviewed by our staff with approval or denial to enter the Spotlight Challenger Club as soon as possible.

Spotlight Association Entry Application

Contact Information
Business/Organization Information
Representative Information
Application Submission

Becoming a member of the Spotlight Association and subsequently a Spotlight Champion, is easy and can make a big difference for your business in the way the public perceives you.  By supporting your exceptional local Diamonds, the public sees you as the power supply for regional support and growth. Gain the power to shine brighter. Conversely, you give us additional power to continue to grow and to bring greater awareness to your local and regional Diamonds. There’s strength in numbers and the larger the Association becomes, the more influence it will have to shape your local and regional appeal as a business and your region, on the whole.

Spotlight Association Application Fee
& Annual Membership

A non-refundable Application Fee of $199.99 is required to process your application.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will have access

to participate in the Spotlight Challenger Club.

All Spotlight Association Members are listed on each of your city's leaderboard page.

Spotlight Champions are granted a full feature, including graphics, description,

phone number, physical address, along with a redirection to a website destination of their choice.

Your first year's annual Spotlight Association Membership dues are waived.

Annual reoccurring Spotlight Association Membership dues of

$499.99 take effect, 1 year from the date the Application is submitted.

Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible.

You will receive a confirmation or denial email at the time of the determination. 

At that time, your access to the Spotlight Challenger Club will be granted or denied.