If you have won a Top 5 position in a Citywide Spotlight Poll and secured the Diamond designation, you're in the right spot and are eligible to receive the inherent benefits. 


Being named a Citywide Spotlight Diamond is one of the more difficult accomplishments to ever attain.  Not only do you perform exceptionally every single day but you have proof of public support from all that you serve. You are a notch above.  You are a Diamond!

With the Award comes the Rewards


As a Diamond, you receive 1 full year of national attention.  You have entered the "short list" of "can't miss" destinations within your city.  As a Diamond, you will be on full display, shining bright! 

Your feature, on your terms


Change your graphics within your feature including up to 6 graphic spots for you to make changes and customize how you see fit. Make announcements, announce promotions, or anything else you desire.  Photographs or videos may be included!  Make changes or update your feature as often as you would like!  

Access to the Diamond Club

Diamond Club Graphic.jpg

Your gateway to choose from several types of award options which you are eligible to receive. 

Take the Keys


There's no time to wait, shine brighter today!  Your reservation awaits.

Complete and submit the form below to verify your authenticity as the responsible party of the awarded destination, so that you can receive the benefits that come with being a Citywide Spotlight Diamond. Your credentials will be reviewed by our staff with approval or denial to enter the Diamond Club as soon as possible.

Recognized Diamond Registration

Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible  You will receive a confirmation or denial email at the time of the determination.  At that time, your access to the Diamond Club and the Diamond Content Editor will be granted or denied.