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San Diego, CA

2018 Brilliant - Voted #1

Jupiter and Ivy

Imagination and creativity is foundational to our concept, to highlight those that break out of the ordinary, to break out of the boring, normal, repetitive routine. Normal and basic is not to be said with Juniper and Ivy. A fine dining experience on the West side of I5 near the airport, this refreshing space elevates the term comfort food. Richard Blais brings to life an old warehouse building into what is truly a handcrafted, out of this world dinner destination. Inside, dim lights set the tone. Modern four-seated tables with a wooden-pillars ceiling make for a soothing meal; however, the outdoor patio is not to be forgotten. We love the buttery biscuits but truly, the entire menu is a can’t miss.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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