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Think Different

The entire premise behind Citywide Spotlight's purpose is dedication and celebration of the unique treasures that make up each city's backbone and soul.  Each city across the nation is beautifully unique and we love to let everyone know the one-of-a-kind atmosphere and flavors of the true original which can never be duplicated.     

Be Different.jpeg

We have singled out destinations that are the rarest. We desire to showcase places to visit that are only available within 1 featured city.  Not only that but we choose not to rely on "experts" to hand out awards but rather, rely on the people that frequent the locations, including the good days and the bad days...every day.  We rely on the real experts! Everyday visitors! The Evaluators!

True. Honest. Results.

Enter: the Evaluators


Our Diamond's are only awarded from the people that they serve on a daily basis.

The power to elevate or demote is completely in the Evaluators hands!

Your approval matters

Virtual Vote.jpeg

As an Evaluator, you hold the keys.  You have exclusive access to vote and to determine which destinations are properly recognized as the best of their respective city, whereas no one else has access.

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