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Thanks for your interest, I'm very excited to tell you how to pocket that $10K.


3 easy steps:

  1. Post

  2. Promote

  3. Win



The process in as few words as possible:


  1. Nominate those exceptional places, your favorite places to go in the USA, by posting to Instagram. (First post claims the destination nomination)

Tip: Nominate places you think have the best chance to get the most votes.


  1. Encourage others to vote by going to Citywide Spotlight – sharing the poll page link is best.


  1. If your Post Nominations Receive the most votes – you win that $10K!

  • There are 5 award winners, 1st place is to receive $10,000, 5th place it to receive $750.



Here are the meaningful links to get you started:






Register for the contest and Join by Friday, September 15, and we’re going to waive the $99.99 Influencer X Lifetime Membership. – LIMITED TIME OFFER – 

registerbeginAsset 322.png

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Much love and good luck!



Cory L’Heureux


About Us:

I founded Citywide Spotlight in 2018 with the goal of creating a hybrid company that’s somewhere between Yelp and the Michelin Guide.  A much more condensed and power packed guide than Yelp (featuring a concentrated 35 destinations per city rather than a deluge of hundreds of options) and a more inclusive, all-encompassing guide than the Michelin Guide (including much more than the 2 focuses of the Michelin Guide; meals and hotels). The one caveat that may separate us from the pack of other guides is that we feature destinations that can only be found in their home city. Multi-city chains do not apply, as we truly feature the very rare ‘Diamonds’.

We launched a pilot/trial run in 2019 including many west coast cities as well as Albuquerque, Phoenix and the 3 big cities in Texas.  We were surprised by how well the concept was received by poll participants as well as the selected destination winners.


Then 2020 happened. The world took a time-out, and as a result, so did we.  In that time, we saw many of our favorite places close their doors permanently. It was very unfortunate to see many of our favorite places close due to factors out of their control.  We added another purpose to our “America’s Real City Guide” mission, to ensure many of our most loved, favorite, and phenomenal places receive adequate attention to keep these places from shutting their own doors prematurely due to perhaps lack of awareness by the public.


We also want to be a social media outlet specifically housing real discussions on the topics of exceptional food, drink, activity, and hotel/air bnb’s – a real source for business travelers and pleasure seekers alike. Found on each city’s poll pages are where our social media pages/discussions are found, where we all can gather, share discoveries, give input and show our love.



And There you have it. A quick insight into our little journey and we thank you for taking the time to consider joining us. Bullet point version; We:

  1. Help guide everyday visitors/travelers/pleasure-seekers directly to the best destinations in America.

  2. Provide Nationally Recognized Awards to those exceptional Diamonds in our cities.

  3. Be a sanctuary for foodies/travelers/pleasure-seekers to build a focused community and to share experiences.

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