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Bleau Bar

Brilliant Diamond

Bleau Bar at the iconic Fontainebleau on Miami Beachis a required stop. Have a couple of drinks, take part in plentiful mingling and decide whether to turn it up a notch by walking into the worldwide known LIV Nightclub that brings in top DJ, musicians, etc. Once you walk up the steps and through the glass doors, the circular bar with a towering beam that has all their liquor placed on it is right in your view. The aura of Bleau Bar entices guests to snag their favorite drink and make a decision to either prepare for a "One Night in Miami" time or rather catch a relaxing, rich sip of serenity. Enjoy the scenery and have the best nightlife experience at Bleau Bar when you drop into Miami, Citywide Spotlight's nightcap of the year destination.

(305) 674-4760

attributed journalist:

Jordan Dietterich


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