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Our purpose is to shine light on what makes each major city across the United States beautifully unique and to showcase what makes up each city's backbone and soul.  We're huge supporters of local flavors and each cities' unique offerings.  We love to let everyone know the true original's that can never be duplicated.  

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We only desire to spotlight those venues that are the most rare and the most exceptional. We rely on the visitors, everyday evaluators, and their experiences and judgements to designate these venues as each featured cities' Diamonds.



Go! With the help of our Evaluators, we have singled out destinations that are the most rare and our most recommended. We desire to showcase places to visit that are only available within 1 featured city.  Not only that but we choose not to rely on "experts" to hand out awards but rather, rely on the people that frequent the locations, including the good days and the bad days...every day.

Break out of the Ordinary


Make the Leap.  Broaden your horizons.  Break out of the cycle.  Break out of the ordinary.

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