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2018 Brilliant - Voted #1

Hotel Emma

Living in San Antonio for two years, I can say Hotel Emma is one of those places you won’t forget. An historical hotel worthy of an adventurer’s lunch, dinner, or night, it’s a 19th century Brewhouse turned into a truly unique experience for everyone. Located in the historic Pearl (off to the right in the main plaza), this unbelievable, nearly 150-room Riverwalk front hotel provides everything but San Antonio’s famous and authentic tacos. When adventurers stay at Hotel Emma, an adventurer’s experience at this Citywide Spotlight destination is king and queen worthy. The bedrooms and bathroom are like royalty hand-picked them themselves! If staying right on the Riverwalk in a lively and thriving place suites you, Hotel Emma is the choice.  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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