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2018 Brilliant - Voted #1

Hotel Fairmont Heritage Place - Ghirardelli Square

Historical views from the chocolate square. Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square gives adventurers a taste of luxury in San Francisco. In prime location, this Citywide Spotlight rest destination is a high-end, classy stay with minimal food services besides breakfast. Besides that, the amenities are what adventurers could expect from a Fairmont property. An awesome service this Fairmont provides a complimentary private car to anywhere within a two-mile distance. For someone not acquainted with the Bay lifestyle, this is a blessing. Traffic in the city can be (well is) a nightmare. Taking a deeper dive into the bedrooms, adventurers can expect a spacious 850 sq. ft. room with beautiful views of both the city and bay. Expect a fully equipped kitchen and modern furniture inside a room with again, beautiful views!  - Jordan Dietterich of Surfside, Florida


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