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Brilliant Graphic Package
  • Brilliant Graphic Package

    Your Official Brilliant Motion Graphic Video Award pre-loaded onto a Samsung® Tablet is situated within a custom built VidaBox® enclosure (including a slim wall mount) that comes in at around a total size of 12.5" wide by 8.5" tall . The total mounted package protrudes only 1.27 inches off the surface of the wall. Not too large. Not too small. Just right.


    Within your Tablet you'll find your custom, professionally produced, Official Brilliant Motion Picture Award including the name of your destination and the year of winning on a MicroSD card, where you can transfer your award video how you desire.


    2 looped videos are included. A story loop including your name and city region, and also the Brilliant coin only.


    Standard Base Model Tablet Specs:

    1200 x 1920 Resolution.  206 pixels per inch.  7040 mAH battery.  15W Fast Charging.


    Upgraded Model Tablet:

    1600 x 2560 HRD10+  274 pixels per inch.  8400 mAH battery.  45W Fast Charging.

    • PROOF

      A proof will be sent for you to give final approval before the final production is started. 


      To protect your product, shipping is insured and adult signature is required.


      Accidental Damage Warranty is an optional addition, provided below.

    PriceFrom $624.98
    Excluding Sales Tax
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