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The Spotlight

There are Levels to this


Join the Association
associate with and endorse the best of your city

Base Level Spotlight Benefits

1. All Spotlight Club members receive a mention on all of their city's Diamond features - mention contingent on level of membership.

Full Example Shown Here.

Eligible to bid on their city's SPOTLIGHT, pop-up advertisement.

The placement of the SPOTLIGHT feature is displayed on all 7 of the category pages within their city.

Each SPOTLIGHT feature runs for 1 full quarter, or 3 consecutive months - updated as often as desired.

To be a part of the Spotlight Association, the base level annual membership fee of $1,995 is assessed.

Take the Gold

It's Better Here

Everything that comes with the Entry Level Membership with the added benefit of a linked graphic logo, rather than a text only acknowledgment.

To receive a graphic linked mention, at 21% of the size of largest logo linked acknowledgement available (Brilliant Spotlight), a Gold level membership fee of $4,995 is assessed.

A Real One

Diamonds just hit different

Everything that comes with the Gold Level Membership but with a greater size linked graphic logo.

To receive an graphic linked mention, at 41% of the size of the largest logo linked acknowledgement available (Brilliant Spotlight), the Diamond annual membership fee of $9,995 is assessed.

Brilliant Spotlight

Upper Echelon

Everything that comes with the Gold Level Membership but with maximum exposure - the greatest sized linked graphic logo.

To receive the largest graphic logo placement available, the Brilliant level membership fee of $24,995 is assessed.


There are a few restrictions we place on the Spotlight Members.  Read and understand the restrictions below before you apply:


The entity must satisfy the qualifications below:

1. Currently headquartered and open for operation within city of the sponsorship application, or closest to the featured city in relation to another featured city.

2. Does not qualify to be entered into any Citywide Spotlight category:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Nightcap

  • Indoor Activity

  • Outdoor Activity

  • Rest


Citywide Spotlight is not accepting applications from businesses in the following industries:

  • Adult content or entertainment

  • Gambling or casino,

  • Alcoholic beverages,

  • CBD, cannabis, tobacco, or e-cigarette/vapor,

  • Religious,

  • Political.

Be the Spotlight

  • Base Spotlight

    Every year
  • Gold Spotlight

    Every year
  • Diamond Spotlight

    Every year
  • Brilliant Spotlight

    Every year