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The Spotlight

Sponsors power much of our work. Spotlighting deserving Diamonds across the nation. Sponsors that love their city and back their city's Diamond Destinations are given the top spot on their city's category pages. As Sponsors bring the electricity to power their city's awards, Spotlight members are rightfully placed in the premium position - for all visitors to see and recognize, up front and center. Local Excellence is emphasized and rewarded at Citywide Spotlight, and that is carried onto our featured Sponsors too. We choose to include only Sponsors that are torchbearers for their locality. Local businesses and organizations throughout the nation, are placed to in the prime-time spot to represent their locality proudly.

Spotlight (4).png


Each Sponsor receives a clickable link along with their logo, included in the base level membership.  Get noticed. Receive recognition. Receive appreciation. 


Greater Size

Interested Sponsors may choose a larger clickable link along with their logo, with the upgraded level membership.  Receive greater recognition. Receive greater appreciation. 

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Full Feature

For those sponsors looking for a little more attention, grab a full feature spot, capable of an unlimited duration video, a slide show, or graphic media sequencing that you want to run.



BUILD POWERFUL RELATIONSHUPS - Sponsors have access to the private social media forum, Elite Connections, with fellow sponsors across the nation, Destinations (Contenders, Diamonds and Brilliant), as well as Elite Members (including the 4 distinct Elite member segments - Executives, Influencers, Journalists and Investors), across the nation, to bond and build mutually beneficial relationships with.  


Book it

Book winning Diamond destinations, along with nominated Diamonds, (that were awarded by Elite Members) for your private events across the nation, at discounted rates. 

Currently Locked.

Any one of these 3 Unlocks The Diamond Reserve:

5,000 cumulative votes from the public.

500 cumulative votes from Elite Members.

50 cumulative votes from Destination Members.

The DR.png

Power Up


Sign up as a site member then

Join the Powered Up, Sponsor Family.

*Restrictions apply.

  • Spotlight

    Every 2 weeks
    +$19.99 Setup Fee
    • Local Love - National Exposure.
    • Public Directory Page Linked Logo Placement.
    • Opportunity to bid & win premium ad-space.
    • Access to the Diamond Reserve to book National Diamonds.
    • Connections - Build relationships in a private setting.
  • Brighter Spotlight

    Every 2 weeks
    +$19.99 Setup Fee
    • More than double the entry standard size linked logo.
    • All other benefits of Spotlight Membership.
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