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For the Love of Local

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The entire premise behind Citywide Spotlight's purpose is

dedication and celebration of the unique treasures that make up each city's

backbone and soul.  Each city across the nation is beautifully unique

and we love to let everyone know the one-of-a-kind atmosphere

and flavors of the true original which can never be duplicated.     



In our pursuits of keeping this website clean and simple,

we have limited the categories that we feature to 7.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Indoor/Outdoor Activities, Cocktail Bars and Places to Rest.

The dilemma is that we would love to feature as many categories as possible

to truly highlight the unique treasures that make up each city's soul

but in the name of simplicity, we have decided

to keep our featured categories small and concise.    

Enter: The Spotlight


In order for us to keep our focus on the Love of Local, we've found the solution.

To be able to feature each city's other extremely important diamonds without creating more categories, we're recruiting Spotlight. 

True, Un-interrupted, Spotlight

Spotlight Association Access.png

As a Spotlight Association Member, you're coupled with your local treasures.

You are placed on our most impactful pages of your city, The Leaderboards.

There is no voting. There are no arguments. Just exclusive access.


By prioritizing that visitors continue to have an unobtrusive, pleasant experience

while navigating, we have condensed the opportunities to 3 options: 

  • A Full Feature

  • Mini Features

  • Listing



As a Full feature bid winner, you are to receive your own 

 full feature, without interruptions, able to adjust and edit as you wish. 

1 Full-Feature per city leaderboard page - 7 per city.

A Mini Feature includes a logo which links to a destination of your choosing.

Mini features are limited to 3 but displayed on all 7 city category leaderboard pages.

Full and Mini Feature term lengths are limited to 3 calendar months.

All Spotlight Association members are listed on all 7 of your city's Leaderboard Pages.

Take the Keys


There's no time to wait, showcase your business today.  Your reservation awaits!


Full Feature Spotlight

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Your .

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Mini Feature Preview

other key contributors:

A Special Thank You from all of your Supporters

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There are a few restrictions we place on the Spotlight Members.  Read and understand the restrictions below before you apply:


The entity must satisfy the qualifications below:

1. Currently headquartered and open for operation within city of the sponsorship application, or closest to the featured city in relation to another featured city.

2. Does not qualify to be entered into any Citywide Spotlight category:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Nightcap

  • Indoor Activity

  • Outdoor Activity

  • Rest


Citywide Spotlight is not accepting applications from businesses in the following industries:

  • Adult content or entertainment

  • Gambling or casino,

  • Alcoholic beverages,

  • CBD, cannabis, tobacco, or e-cigarette/vapor,

  • Religious,

  • Political.

There's no time to wait, be a hero today!