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through the process of being nominated by an Influencer.

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Nominated Destination

These are the destinations that are doing so well that they have been nominated by an Influencer, put up to PUBLIC VOTE to represent the best of their city as one of the most loved, cherished and enjoyed destinations in America.

QR Codes have been added to every city's Running Poll page to make sharing super easy! Share & Vote!

Being nominated to represent the best of a city is no small feat. To that, we praise all that have been nominated.

Nominated destinations are listed on at least 1 of their city's polls which runs through the end of the current year.

We would like to present the RED verification badge to all nominated destinations as a token of our appreciation.

If you have been nominated, please message us so that we can assign you the proper badge.  

The badge is displayed in all places that a general site member can comment, including the poll page discussion boards to help convince voters to vote on behalf of certain destinations.

There is no fee or cost associated with being listed in a poll, nor is there to winning a poll.

Poll winners that choose not to join Contender or Diamond Memberships, are still proudly featured and displayed, however, are limited to 1 featured photograph on display, whereas Members may display up to 5, and even to include video productions, changed and updated as often as desired.

Put up a Fight

Contender Benefits

goldAsset 1622.png

Access to Host

List your destination to be booked by our Citywide Spotlight members for private events. 

Think Air BNB for companies & organizations.

Access to Connect

Connect with Influencers to form symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships within a forum style setting with the option do direct message each other.

GOLD verification badges are assigned appropriately to display credentials as a legitimate Contender.

To be a Contender and receive these benefits, an annual membership fee of $95 is assessed.

A Real One

Diamonds are Forever

BLUEAsset 122.png

Nominated destinations that win a top 5 position in a poll at the end of the current year are designated as Diamonds.

Diamond destinations are forever. The BLUE verification badge is presented to our Winning Diamonds.

These destinations are on another level, as confirmed by being selected by the public.

All the benefits of a Contender except better.

Full Content Customization.

Rather than having a single photograph in your featuring as part of the complimentary service, by joining the Diamond Club, you are given the keys to your feature with the freedom to change your feature as often as you wish. 

As an added Bonus

Every time you change your feature manually - we will mirror your changes and promote you throughout all of our social media outlets.

Diamond Club Members also receive access to purchase a bevy of available awards including the simple window sticker, a month-long Citywide Home Page Highlight or our custom-made Video Award Plaque.


A one-time lifetime Diamond Club membership fee of $195 is assessed, losing the annual subscription.

Brilliant Diamonds

Rarest of the Rare

Contest Winner Badge.png

#1 vote recipients have earned the Brilliant Diamond designation. 

Brilliant Diamonds are presented the INDIGO verification badge.

These destinations are in a category of their own. These have been nominated and confirmed by votes, as the best of the best.

Brilliant winners have the unique opportunity to be featured in a long-form promotional review-style video, which will be featured on our YouTube Channel - among other media outlets.

Begin a New Thing

  • Contender

    Every year
    Future Featured Diamond
    • Be listed on Host - Make your Venue Available to be Booked
    • Connect - Unlimited Private Dialog with Influencers
  • Diamond

    Lifetime Membership
    • Eligible Only after winning a Top 5 spot in a poll.
    • Lose the Annual Fee.
    • Customize your Feature.
    • Choose from Several Award Options.