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The Races

Bestow annual Diamond Awards - Exclusive to Elite Members - With great power comes great responsibility. Elevate a tiny fraction of local, can't miss favorite's that represent a city's absolute best local offerings by way of making suggestions, nominations, having discussions, and placing year-round votes. The results of the annual vote tabulations don the poll winners as national Diamond destinations which includes features and promotion to a world-wide audience to pique curiosity and encourage greater visitation, The power to elevate and demote is totally within the hands of the Elite team members.  

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Elite members have access to the private social media forum, Elite Connections, with fellow Elite members across the nation, (including the 4 distinct Elite member segments - Executives, Influencers, Journalists and Investors), Destinations (Contenders, Diamonds and Brilliant), as well as Sponsors across the nation, to bond and build mutually beneficial relationships with.  


Book it

Book winning Diamond destinations, along with nominated Diamonds, (that were awarded by Elite Members) for your private events across the nation, at discounted rates. 

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Executives & Influencers

Business Executives and Influencers gain automatic entry.

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Journalist, Media, Press

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Submit your work featuring current Diamonds and gain Elite Press access.

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Gain Elite membership credentials by selecting the Investor option below.

  • Elite - Investor

    Every month
    • Add Destinations to Diamond Polls
    • Vote to Award Local Representatives & National Diamonds
    • Connect with all Premium Members - Private Social Media.
    • Discounted Diamond Reserve rates.

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